Our Mission

The Academy of Telepathy's  goal is to  bring strength to everyone. Strength is built  in numbers. We want to teach as many people as we can to learn the skills needed to communicate with vibrations.  There is a way of understanding how vibrations and energy "work"- The Telepathic Academy is here to help teach you .  You can learn to utilize the energy you have naturally.

Strengthening your brain  is positive- it helps with cognitive abilities and can  increase memory. The Academy teaches you exercises for mind to mind connection. We create monthly practices that encourage intuitive skills and the transmissions of vibrations to strengthen the brain.  It is fun and  you constantly learn new meditations, skills and connective practices!
Telepathy is advancement  for the future! 


 The Universe is talking to us- wanting us to find new means of communicating. The vibrations that keep us balanced are becoming disrupted. Recently there was an asteroid that missed earth- it came into earth’s rotation- as documented by our government.

This occurrence had an effect on us-you might recall  you or other people you know have had  many differences in their thoughts and attitudes in general during this time. Many people felt  quite "off" of their normal. But knowing that occurrences of cosmic events will happen again -according to scientific reports we understand the effects and can be ready. Realizing that the source of these vibrational changes can effect us in multiple ways. Some believe there will be black-outs on power grids along with many more inconveniences that will affect our energetic fields and our Earth. These disruptions can change our moods via disturbing our vibrational harmony. The aura surrounds our human bodies-you may know the term EMF or the electromagnetic field. Our EMF is made up of vibrations that surround our body approx 2-4 feet from our skin. This vibrational energy can hold, release or vibrate- all which affect our human bodies physically, mentally  and emotionally.   We all know there are several causes contributing to lower vibrational frequencies such as: our internet, cell phones, TV, our negative thoughts (these are vibrations too).  The power companies recently created "smart meters’  which  are attached to our homes- they emit negative vibrations similar to cell phone vibrations -they vibrate hundreds  of times a day inside and outside our homes. There currently is  too much negative vibes in the atmosphere that can affect us - for example : Combined negative vibrations of lower frequencies change thought patterns and can make us unhappy or depressed.  As our own energy fields are affected -imagine  the bigger picture the earth and the universes energy field . The great news is... We can learn to emit positive vibrations We can choose to make positive energy exchanges We can change the vibrations to be positive and balanced We can learn helpful knowledge to  mindfully change our environment



Academy of Telepathy

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